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March Cuddly Donation

The March donation has been sent to support Tug, a sweet baby who endured unimaginable cruelty. Learning about what happened to him brought tears to my eyes and broke my heart. March total: $73.51 but I donated $74.00 instead.  Warning: The images are difficult to see, but it’s important to confront the harsh realities faced

February Donation to Ben and Nino

February Donation to Ben and Nino

February’s donation of $47.95 has been given to Ben and Nino! Thank you so much for supporting my pet care business. Two Brave Cats Fight Desperately To Eat & Drink After Their Jaws Completely Mangled In Hit & Runs They are victims of traumatic accidents and now are fighting for their lives. These innocent creatures desperately

Edgar the Cat

Cruelly Abandoned Outside In The Middle Of Winter, Sickly Cat Deteriorates Down to a Frail 5lbs

Edgar is an abandoned 8-year-old soul who was left to wither away in the bitter cold of New Year’s Eve. Discovered in critical condition, Edgar’s emaciated frame, covered in fleas, dirt, and desperation, speaks volumes about the suffering he endured alone.  When a Good Samaritan discovered Edgar shivering in a bush, they immediately posted on Facebook

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