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Edgar the Cat
Edgar is an abandoned 8-year-old soul who was left to wither away in the bitter cold of New Year’s Eve. Discovered in critical condition, Edgar’s emaciated frame, covered in fleas, dirt, and desperation, speaks volumes about the suffering he endured alone. 
When a Good Samaritan discovered Edgar shivering in a bush, they immediately posted on Facebook to see if anyone could help. Thankfully, Kind Kitty was able to intervene and provide Edgar with the care he so desperately needed. Despite the harsh conditions he endured, Edgar is now safe and surrounded by love, but his journey to recovery is just beginning.
Edgar’s frail body bears the scars of neglect — severe diarrhea, fecal and urine scald, and a weight of less than 5 lbs. The immediate response was crucial: anti-diarrheal medication, subcutaneous fluids, Capstar, Vitamin B12, nourishment, and warmth.
Without this swift intervention, we know with 100% certainty that Edgar would not have survived the night, especially with temperatures dropping below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. We are immensely grateful to the Good Samaritan who sought help for Edgar, and we are now doing everything we possibly can to nurse him back to health and show him a life filled with endless food, love, and snuggles.
Please keep sweet Edgar in your thoughts and if you are able to donate toward his journey to recovery, it would be very much appreciated. Every dollar and supply donated will go directly toward Edgar’s medical care and the TLC he requires to rebuild his life. Thank you in advance for your kindness, and we will be sure to keep you updated on sweet Edgar!

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