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As he peered around with sadness in his eyes and starvation taking over his body, Rodolfo didn’t know how much longer he could live like this. His body was literally withering away with every passing second and if he wasn’t rescued soon his life would surely end.

Rodolfo likely had a family at some point but we don’t even know if we can qualify them as a family after they neglected him his entire life. Finally, they must have decided that they didn’t want anything to do with him anymore and discarded his emaciated body onto the streets. His situation is absolutely heartbreaking because it wasn’t just starvation he was suffering from but a completely missing part of his tail that left bone exposed as well.

He had been trying so hard to survive but it is clear he was dying of hunger. His head was sunken in, and countless bones protruded from his frail body. How can anyone abandon their dog when they need you most? How can anyone let their dog get to this condition and then discard them like trash? We will never know or understand.

Now in our care, Rodolfo will be receiving several tests to get a better idea of what is going on with his health. We will also be doing imaging tests. He is suffering from a lot of diarrhea as well as a fever along with high infection and anemia levels. It must have been unbearable to be in this condition on top of enduring all of the piercing hunger pains.

Your donations will be the lifeline that fuels Rodolfo’s journey toward recovery—funding essential medical tests, imaging, and the continuous care he urgently requires.


Updates: Rodolfo’s journey towards recovery is underway, but his recent visit to the gastro specialist revealed potential underlying issues—ranging from Inflammatory Bowel Disease to food allergies—that could explain his cachexia. To pinpoint the exact cause, further tests are needed, including investigations into allergies using hypoallergenic food.

However, these procedures come with ongoing costs that strain our resources. Urgently, we require continued donations to ensure Rodolfo receives the comprehensive care necessary for his well-being. Every contribution makes a significant difference in his treatment and journey towards a healthier life. ❤

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