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February Donation to Ben and Nino

February’s donation of $47.95 has been given to Ben and Nino! Thank you so much for supporting my pet care business.

Two Brave Cats Fight Desperately To Eat & Drink After Their Jaws Completely Mangled In Hit & Runs
They are victims of traumatic accidents and now are fighting for their lives. These innocent creatures desperately need your help as they undergo extensive jaw alignment surgeries. 
Ben, a once carefree kitty in Brazil, found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Witnessed by a horrified bystander, Ben was mercilessly hit by a speeding car, leaving him nearly lifeless on the roadside. Not long after this poor kitty’s trauma, Nino’s tiny body bore the weight of a speeding motorcycle, causing his jaw to bend excruciatingly as he hit the ground with a thud.
Both Ben and Nino suffered severe jaw traumas, hindering their ability to eat, drink, and even groom themselves. Poor Ben has blood gushing down his cheeks and onto his nape. Nino’s mouth is a blackened hole, with dried blood caked around his lips. Without immediate intervention, their conditions will worsen, jeopardizing each kitten’s chance of survival.
The road to recovery for both cats will be challenging, requiring extensive veterinary care and specialized surgeries. On top of that, both Ben and Nino will need to be put on a hydrating IV and fluids to receive the nutrients their bodies require to be strong enough for surgery despite not having the ability to eat or drink. Their injuries are severe, but with your support, we can provide them with the lifesaving treatments they desperately need.
The cost of these necessary surgeries, along with the follow-up care, medication, and rehabilitation, poses a significant financial burden on our rescue organization. But we firmly believe every innocent life is worth fighting for, and we are determined to give Ben and Nino the chance they deserve.

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