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As a pet parent myself, I deeply understand the anxiety and nervousness my clients experience when entrusting their beloved animals to someone else’s care—especially to someone they’ve only met once or twice during meet-and-greet sessions. I’ve been in their shoes when my husband and I had to fly over 3000 miles back home during the holidays, leaving our kitties behind. Being so far away from them was incredibly tough. I found myself scrolling through photos of them, feeling teary-eyed—it may sound silly, but it truly highlights the depth of love I have for them.
The process of finding the right pet sitter can be incredibly stressful and anxiety-inducing. Is there even such a thing as the “perfect” pet sitter? For me, it’s someone who not only loves animals (that’s a given), but also follows your instructions diligently, keeps you updated regularly for peace of mind, respects your home and your furry friends, and showers your pets with all the love and care they deserve while you’re away. To me, that’s what defines the ideal pet sitter.
This is precisely why I do what I do—to alleviate your anxieties and ensure you can enjoy a stress-free trip knowing your pets are in good hands.
“But what if the worst happens…?” It’s a thought that has crossed all our minds at some point, hasn’t it? I vividly recall an experience while caring for a precious senior pup named Meg. She was tiny and frail, barely eating, and by the third day of my care, she began passing blood in her stool. I immediately contacted her owner, and together, we agreed it was best to rush Meg to the emergency vet hospital.
Arriving at 8 am, I waited anxiously for hours until finally, a vet tech approached me. My heart sank as they delivered the devastating news—Meg’s owner had decided it was time to let her go. She was suffering, and they didn’t want her to endure any more pain. It was a heartbreaking decision, especially made while they were on vacation with their family.
I held Meg in my arms as the doctor gently put her to sleep. Just moments ago, she had been lively, wagging her tail, and showering me with affection. Now, she lay lifeless, and the contrast was almost unbearable. Saying goodbye to her was one of the hardest moments of my life—I sobbed and showered her with kisses.
Leaving the vet hospital that evening, drained both physically and emotionally, I returned to my client’s house to pack up and leave. The once lively home now felt eerily quiet, with reminders of Meg scattered throughout. As I collected her toys, tears streamed down my face, and the weight of the moment hit me once again.
When I returned home, my husband held me as I cried, knowing the pain I was going through. While I understand that I may inevitably face similar situations in the future, I promise my clients that I will do everything in my power to love and care for their animals as if they were my own. That much, I can assure them.

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