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$ 30 Base Rate
  • 30 minutes: $30
  • 60 minutes: $60
  • Additional Dog: $14
  • Puppy 30 Minutes: $45
  • Puppy 60 Minutes: $55
$ 25 Base Rate
  • 30 minutes: $25
  • 60 minutes: $30
  • Additional Cat: $8
  • Kitten 30 Minutes: $35
  • Kitten 60 Minutes: $45

Mystic Mews

My drop-in pet care service is designed to ensure your furry friends feel loved and comfortable while you’re away. As the sole provider and owner of Mystic Mews, I am dedicated to offering personalized attention and ensuring that your pets are happy and content. Whether it’s a quick visit for feeding, playtime, or a potty break, Mystic Mews is here to cater to your pets’ needs. Rest assured that your four-legged family members are in good hands with my caring and reliable services at Mystic Mews Pet Care.

Other Animals (birds, reptiles, guinea pigs): Same rate as cats Puppies & Kittens are defined as under 1 year old.

Mystic Mews
Overnight Care

Experience the pinnacle of pet care with Mystic Mews Overnight Pet Care Service. As the day transitions to night, I ensure your furry companions enjoy a stress-free and snug evening within the familiar confines of their own abode. From twilight play sessions to bedtime snuggles, I provide attentive and affectionate services to ensure your pets feel secure and cherished throughout the night.

My overnight care regimen encompasses feeding, bathroom breaks, and personalized attention, offering you peace of mind knowing that your beloved pets are under my diligent care. Opt for Mystic Mews for a night free of worries, where your pets receive the love and attention they deserve, even in your absence.

  • Other Animals (birds, reptiles, guinea pigs): Same rate as cats
  • Puppies & Kittens are defined as under 1 year old.
$ 95 24 hours
  • Additional Dog: $15/night
  • Puppy Rate: $120/night
$ 65 24 hours
  • Additional Cat: $10/night
  • Kitten Rate: $80/night
$ 36 Per Hour
  • Additional Dog: $16
  • Puppy: $50/hr
$ 22 Per Hour
  • Additional Cat: $8
  • Kitten: $40/hr

Mystic Mews
In-Client's-House Daycare:

Experience the convenience and personalized care of Mystic Mews In-Home Pet Daycare. My services bring the joy of a daycare experience right to your doorstep. As the sole provider and owner of Mystic Mews, I ensure a safe and engaging environment for your pets within the familiar surroundings of your home. From playtime to cuddles, I tailor my services to your pet’s unique needs, providing them with a day filled with comfort and enjoyment. Trust Mystic Mews for in-home daycare that keeps your pets happy, secure, and thriving while you’re away.

Mystic Mews
Dog Walking

Experience carefree outings with Mystic Mews Dog Walking Service, where I personally ensure your furry friends enjoy active and joyful walks. As the sole provider and owner of Mystic Mews, I am committed to delivering tailored walks that suit your dog’s individual needs and preferences. Whether it’s a leisurely stroll or an invigorating adventure, rest assured that your canine companion will receive the exercise and fresh air they crave. With Mystic Mews, every walk is a delightful experience, allowing your dogs to explore, stretch their legs, and return home with wagging tails. Trust in Mystic Mews for reliable and affectionate dog walking services that prioritize your pet’s well-being and happiness.

$ 15 Starting At
  • 15-Minute Walks: $15
  • 25-Minute Walks: $25
  • 35-Minute Walks: $35

Holiday Rates

Holidays Include: Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day

Rates: $5 Extra/visit & Overnights are $15/night

Service Locations

Based in Murrieta, CA Services extended to locations within an hour away – San Diego, Los Angeles, and surrounding areas

Mileage Rates:
Within 5 miles of Murrieta: $5
Within 10 miles of Murrieta: $10
Over 10 Miles: $0.67/mile

Peace of Mind:

Fully insured by PCI

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