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Meet Mikki
Owner of Mystic Mews Pet Care

Hello, I’m Mikki, the proud owner of Mystic Mews Pet Care. My journey into pet care is fueled by my dual passions for photography and the genuine love I hold for animals. Currently, I am a devoted pet parent to three cats and one dog, each holding a special place in my heart.

My fascination with pets traces back to my childhood, where my companions ranged from rabbits and aquatic wonders, like fishes and hermit crabs, to the ever-loyal dogs and turtles. In 2018, I expanded my feline family by adopting three adorable cats, a decision that I consider the best I’ve ever made. The joy and love they bring into my life are immeasurable.

With over a decade of hands-on experience in caring for animals, I decided to channel my expertise into a professional endeavor. Two and a half years ago, I took a leap and joined Rover, offering my skills to care for the beloved furbabies of others. This experience was transformative, leading me to the realization that I had discovered my true calling.

Now, I’ve ventured into starting my own pet care business, and Mystic Mews Pet Care was born. As the sole proprietor, I am thrilled to have found my niche in providing top-notch care for pets. I am dedicated to ensuring that your furry companions receive the same level of love, attention, and expertise that I provide to my own cherished pets.

Thank you for considering Mystic Mews Pet Care for your pet’s well-being. I look forward to the opportunity to meet and care for your beloved pets.

My Services

At Mystic Mews, I personally ensure that your beloved companions receive top-notch care and attention. From tailored activities to personalized services, I provide a comprehensive solution for your pets’ well-being. Consider me your exclusive partner in ensuring the happiness and health of your furry friends. Mystic Mews Pet Care is where your pets’ joy and health take center stage, and I can’t wait to make their time with us pawsitively amazing!

Pet Care Expertise

  • Specialized care tailored to the unique needs of each pet.
  • Daily feeding, grooming, and exercise routines to ensure their well-being.

Pills excluding injections, as that I have never done.

Attentive monitoring of pets’ behavior and health, with a keen eye for any unusual signs.

Engaging playtime and mental stimulation to keep pets happy and active.

Certified in pet first aid to provide immediate care in case of injuries or health issues.

Tailoring care plans based on individual pet personalities, preferences, and health conditions.

Specialized care for cats, including litter box maintenance, play, and affectionate attention.

Dedicated walks, exercise, and companionship for dogs.

Proficient in caring for reptiles, fishes, and other aquatic pets, ensuring their specific needs are met.

House Sitting Expertise

Vigilant monitoring of the property to ensure the safety and security of both the home and pets.

Retrieval of mail and packages to maintain the appearance of an occupied home.

Watering and care for indoor and outdoor plants to keep them thriving.

Basic home maintenance tasks, such as light cleaning and organizing, to uphold a tidy environment.

Regular updates and communication with clients to provide peace of mind during their absence.

Familiarity with home systems and emergency protocols to address unforeseen issues.

Adherence to strict confidentiality and respect for clients’ personal spaces.

Flexibility to accommodate specific client requests and ensure a seamless experience.

Utilization of smart home technologies, if available, for enhanced security and communication.

A commitment to delivering a worry-free experience, allowing clients to return to a well-cared-for home and happy pets.

What Clients are Saying...

"Goes Above and Beyond"
"I can't say enough good things about Mikki. From the moment I met her, it was clear that she genuinely cares about cats and their well-being. Mikki goes above and beyond to accommodate my schedule and tailors her visits to fit my cat's needs perfectly. Whether it is playtime or administering medications, she handles everything with the utmost care and attention. Not only is Mikki a skilled professional, but she is also an incredibly friendly person. Her warm and welcoming nature instantly put me at ease. She takes the time to understand my cats’ quirks and preferences, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for my fur babies. Mikki's updates and photos during her visits are a true testament to her dedication. Each message brings a smile to my face and reassures me that my cat is in loving hands. I wholeheartedly recommend Mikki to anyone in need of a cat sitter and will undoubtedly be reaching out to Mikki for all my future cat-sitting needs."
"Very Communicative, Gentle, and Very Personable"
Elizabeth E.
"Asher, is real particular who he interacts. It's mainly myself, husband, and mom. But when Mikki came over for the meet and greet Asher walked right over to her. The best part, was when she was leaving and Mikki took a picture of him at the bottom of the stairs. As though he was seeing her off, what he does with me every morning when I leave for work. I will definitely use Mikki again, very communicative, gentle, and very personable. Thank you Mikki for everything and taking care of my Asher."
"Her Love of Animals is Evident Right Away"
Laura F.
"A few minutes after meeting Mikki we knew we would choose her to watch over our 7 month old puppy Nyjah! She is sweet, polite, and her love of animals is evident right away. We took a week long trip and had Mikki stay overnight and she updated us often with photos, and even let us know when/how long she would leave him if she had to during the day. We never had to wonder once if Nyjah was okay because we felt confident that he was. Mikki is friendly, attentive, and responsive - and we feel so happy to know her! Nyjah was clearly well cared for and comfortable when we returned home, and our home itself was just as we left it. 100% recommend! Thank you Mikki!! :)"
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“Mikki, what if my dog/cat has a hard time warming up to strangers? Will you still look after them?” Absolutely! I’ve had plenty of experience with timid animals, many of whom are rescues dealing with past trauma or abuse. My approach is to always let them make the first move. Approaching a timid or scared animal

March Cuddly Donation

The March donation has been sent to support Tug, a sweet baby who endured unimaginable cruelty. Learning about what happened to him brought tears to my eyes and broke my heart. March total: $73.51 but I donated $74.00 instead.  Warning: The images are difficult to see, but it’s important to confront the harsh realities faced

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